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Do you have what it takes to design groundbreaking imaging systems that go far beyond the current state-of-the-art?
Do you want your work to contribute to solving some of mankind’s greatest challenges?
Does designing a critical optical instrument for the world’s first fusion energy reactor ITER sound exciting to you?
Would you like to work for one of the most promising startups in the Eindhoven region and have a significant impact on its chances for success?

If so, take note, because Chromodynamics is looking for an

Optomechanical design engineer

About the position

Chromodynamics is developing a line of groundbreaking new chemical imaging systems that enable their users to make 2D images of the composition of materials. In addition, it develops custom solution for fast spectroscopy and spectral imaging for its customers. Our technology sets itself apart from the competition by being many orders of magnitude faster. To drive these developments, we are looking for an experienced optical and mechanical design engineer.
The primary role makes you responsible for performing detailed modelling and performance assessments of optical systems in commercial ray-tracing software (Zemax). The secondary role is to take these optical designs and turn them into mechanical designs (Solidworks) that can actually be built. Together with the founders and a growing team, you will turn your creations into functional instruments.

As one of the early employees of Chromodynamics, you would play a significant role in determining the success of the company. We set the bar high for the first group of employees, because we aim to hire people that can grow into leadership positions as the company grows.

Required qualifications

  • at least 3 years of professional experience with optical design
  • at least 2 year experience in mechanical design engineering (CAD)
  • experience with designing imaging systems
  • extensive working experience with a professional-grade optical design software package
  • fluent in english, spoken and written
  • holder of EU work permit

Desired qualifications

  • professional working experience with Zemax and SolidWorks
  • practical laboratory experience in constructing experimental setups
  • experience with one or more of the following subjects: spectroscopy, multispectral orhyperspectral imaging, microscopy, interpretation/analysis of spectral data, lasers
  • 3 years programming experience, preferably in python
  • fluent in dutch, spoken and written

Personal profile

  • ambitious
  • enterprising
  • resourceful
  • creative
  • conscientious
  • energetic

Personal profile

  • Fulltime position, parttime possible under conditions
  • Initially a one-year position, with the intention of transitioning to a permanent position
  • Starting date as soon as possible, no later than 1 september 2020
  • Salary dependent on profile and experience of candidate, as well as equity compensation

Application process

Please send a motivation letter, CV and one or more examples of successful past projects that you played a key role in to The latter can be a description/ demonstration/link/video of either a personal or a professional project that you are proud of and have taken responsibility for.

About Chromodynamics

Chromodynamics is a young startup that was founded (in Feb 2019) with a vision of providing its customers the unique insights they need to change the world. This award-winning startup has won multiple prizes and is on a path to become a significant player in its target markets. It has secured an R&D contract to develop an important optical instrument for the fusion reactor ITER, currently under construction in the south of France. Its main office is based on the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

For more information about the position, you can send an email to the address above with your request.

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