Real-time multispectral cameras


Tesseract, a new dimension in multispectral technology

For decades, multi- and hyperspectral imaging have carried the promise of delivering deep insights into subjects just by pointing a camera at them. With the introduction of the Tesseract multi-sensor camera technology platform, the vision industry can now serve the needs of a wide range of applications in which regular cameras fall short.

With Tesseract, you can obtain high-quality spectral information about your subject at every pixel of its image without any sacrifice in resolution or measurement speed. How do we achieve this ‘impossible’ feat? With a unique and patent-pending optical technology that enables the capture of each spectral band on a separate image sensor. Up to 12 spectral bands in the visible and near-infrared, all through a single lens!

Single lens,

Capture a large number of spectral bands at full resolution, while retaining high speed.

Snapshot acquisition

The complete spectral data cube is recorded in a single opening of the global shutter.

Analyse the invisible

Sensitivity in both the visible and near-infrared spectrum to detect features invisible to regular cameras.

High speed

Acquire and transport full resolution data cubes (2D spatial + 1D spectral) at high speed.

High resolution

Discern the tiniest features on your product with tens of megapixels of image data per time step.

Industrial design

Designed to operate and last in the harshest industrial environments.

Tesseract 62D

A six-channel, 2D snapshot multispectral camera with three visible and three near-infrared bands. Optimised for inspection applications featuring products in non-linear motion.
  • Single lens, multi-sensor spectral camera
  • Snapshot acquisition
  • VIS (R, G, B) and NIR sensitivity (730, 850, 940 nm)
  • High resolution (3.1 MP per spectral band)
  • High spectral fidelity (sharp filtering, strong blocking)
  • High speed (50+ fps)
  • High sensitivity (F/2.2 optics)
  • High dynamic range
  • Robust industrial design
  • Easy integration (10GigE Vision interface, compact size)

Under development

A version of the Tesseract that is fully optimised to unlock the next level in fluorescence microscopy is currently under development.

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We can fully adapt our cameras to your needs. Our technology platform allows customisation of the number of bands, spectral range, bandwidths, central wavelengths, acquisition speeds, and more.

OEM versions

If so desired, we can supply our cameras as OEM models that can be integrated in your systems with your own branding.

Application development

We have deep knowledge of spectral imaging and are happy to put it to use to support the development of your application.


We aim to build lasting relationships with our customers that maximise the benefits to both parties.


We understand that your reputation in delivering inspection standards depends on our performance.


In industry, time is money. Therefore, we are there for you to help you get up and running again, should anything go wrong.

Want to learn more ?

If you are interested in our technology and would like to receive further information on its detailed specifications, pricing, and customisation options, please contact us via the link below.

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